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Gastronomía Checa mas allá de la cerveza


República Checa es muy conocida por sus cervezas y por el trdelník, pero la gastronomía checa es mucho más extensa y desconocida.

The Czech Republic is one of the countries that claim to have the best beers in the world. Is it true? Well, that’s why I came here: to check it!. The Czech Republic is one of the countries with the largest brewing traditions. Its main brands are exported all over the world and it is easy to find small craft factories in many bars.

Here the beer is accompanied at all times and every meal. Obviously we cannot say that in the Czech Republic is the best beer in the world, because it is very personal, but here they drink more beer than in any other country. According to the annual study of consumption of beer by Kirin Company, the Czech Republic is, with 147 litres per person a year, the country where more beer is consumed in the world, ranking that the Czech Republic leads by its twenty-second year in a row.

Gastronomía Checa

After knowing the world of Czech beers, I’m hungry now! Besides, a good beer has to be accompanied with food, so we will discover the delicacies that the Czech Republic offers. Czech cuisine is much supplied by its natural environment, where the common groceries are berries, vegetables, mushrooms, game and river fish. Soups are plentiful here because it is a very cold region and you have to heat your body. Of all the spoon-using dishes, my favourite is goulash soup. This soup is made with braised beef and vegetables, served in bread without crumb.

Here in the Czech Republic, they have a special gift for the apple pie, but certainly the most iconic sweet is the trdelník. This cake is present in many street stalls in Prague, and there is no tourist who has not tried one. The preparation is simple. They prepare a strip of dough, which is rolled into a cylinder of wood until covering it, and then is placed in the rotisserie, where fire and embers will gild the dough.

When it’s toasted, it’s time to season the trdelník with a mixture made of flour nuts and sugar, and then get a slight smoked taste with a little touch of sweet cinnamon. It can also be accompanied with honey, ice cream, whipped cream or chocolate cream and, no doubt, that the best way to taste is when it’s freshly made in a sunny autumn afternoon in front of the Church of Our Lady of Tyn in Prague.


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